Read This If You Want To Scale Your Business, Without Adding Stress or Burden
Dear Friend,  

You found our Private Client Group ;)

I’m not writing to sell you on the idea of our group. Plain and simple, it's not for everyone and requires an investment of time and money. 

Most people think of a “Group” as a “Mastermind” and that is not what our Private Client Group is. 

The primary reason people come to our Private Client Group is not to meet, network and exchange ideas with other successful real estate entrepreneurs… Of Course our members do network and exchange ideas, but the real reason they join is to get one thing…   

Simplified Growth 

Our members don’t want 900 new ideas to test or the latest theory to ponder.  
They want clarity and focus. They want to grow their income without adding more stress, complexity or overwhelm. 
Basically, they want me to figure out exactly what they should do... and then help them do it.

I call it... Finding The One "Targeted Action"
Throughout my years of working with businesses like yours, I have come to realize ONE THING…
There’s always ONE big Targeted Action... 

ONE “big thing” that when identified, will totally transform your business. 

And if you can find it and implement it... Everything will change… and faster than you could possibly imagine!

From 1 Deal to 23 Deals in a Month
Take my client (and now friend), Mark Lane, for example. 

I first met him in 2012 and he’d previously been trying to implement many different things into his business. 

He had lots of methods... was making pretty good money... but it wasn’t enough to move him forward… He was stuck at the same income level and not able to start accumulating rentals for passive income. 

Can you imagine? Having a business that’s making money but STILL being on the hamster wheel each day just to pay bills?
He was working 24/7 managing everything himself... and it was almost working... but he was about to have a heart attack (I joke about the heart attack because Mark is actually a fit guy and healthy, but he was working way too much!!)
Anyway - turns out Mark’s "Targeted Action” was this one little neglected area of his business that was actually a hidden goldmine.
I helped him uncover it (and exploit it) and fast forward to today, he’s completely paid off his house, he has more revenue than ever, and he has team members processing a good share of the business. 
Would have never happened if we hadn’t found that Targeted Action.

Built a 37 House Portfolio
My Client and Friend Ron Mash came to me with an idea to build a rental portfolio. He had been a successful doctor, owning his own practice his entire life but never owned rental properties.   

He told me his goals and his starting block. 

I gave him a target of buying properties that needed some renovation so he could buy below market prices and build up equity. 

37 houses later here’s the results… 
He’s been able to buy all of them without taking any bank financing... all cash... His cash flow is strong enough where the rents coming in allow new homes to be purchased every year out of the rental income!

He has sold some of them along the path such as 1079 Geranium Ave in St. Paul, MN, which he bought with for $61K and sold for $160K (that's massive equity). He retired and is living off the cash flow from his rentals… He feels so comfortable that when he sold his medical practice, he did a favor to his business partner and sold it for $1. 

“Nate, I got so many seller leads I had to turn the system off!”
What’s crazy is everybody’s “Targeted Action” is different. 

I’ve got this real go-getter of a friend and client named Scott. First started working with him in 2011.   

His revenues were strong, but he simply wanted to make more and he knew our Intent Based Buying program was working. 

Naturally, he had many ideas and projects he could try... but I decided to try to keep it simple at first. 

“What if you just add Intent Based Buying to your lineup”, I asked. 

“I get seller leads already,” he said. 

I asked him to just try it and see what happened. 

Turns out in his first three weeks he got so many seller leads he had to turn the system off because he could not keep up with them. 

By The End Of Our First Month, He Cut His Lead Cost Per Deal by 7x (from $3,500 to $500 per seller signed contract). To put that in perspective, I closed 122 deals in 2018, if I would have paid $3,500 per deal to acquire each, it would total $427,000.  Since I use Intent Based Buying, I did not pay that much per deal... lets say I paid closer to $500 per deal for comparison x 122 deals closed = $61,000.       $427,000 minus $61,000 = $366,000....  If Scott replicated my 2018 deal flow, he now saves over a quarter of a million dollars...  

Just from doing that ONE THING. (And staying focused.) 

And then it was GAME TIME! 

Once he realized that the real key to major success is just finding that ONE thing and focusing on it, he was all in. 

“One Weekend” Leads To A Surprising Spike In Revenue
I have a client named Tom Mossman. 

He came to his first meeting and we did some great work that led to a surprise jump for him.  

Here’s what happened. 

He was a Full Time Executive at Target and was considering going full time in Real Estate. 

This immediately created a “RED FLAG” for me because he’s got a solid income stream, a great lifestyle, and this idea seemed like a huge risk until he had a stream of properties coming in.
Anyway, I asked him a few questions and it turns out he’s got knack for finding deals. He struggled with raising money or finding buyers for them.

So I said, “Hey. I want you to humor me on this one. Just call builders and use our script, they will be the best buyers for the type of properties that you find.” 

Simple, right? 

Well. Sometimes simple is all you need. 

Three weeks later he wrote me to tell me he’d made more money one deal than he made in 6 months at his full time job ...just from doing that ONE THING. (He found buyers for his deal). 
I bet we double the revenue if we keep repeating the process.

I have another client named Jordan Smith. 

He’s a wholesaler specializing in Illinois Properties. 
He became a client because he wanted to grow his acquisitions pipeline.
 I just did a video call with him... and he crushed a deal... but that’s not the coolest part. 

His deals are pretty particular. He works directly with sellers to help them in their situation. He’s one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever seen. 

Anyway, once I realized the level of service he was providing and how he was constantly updating everything, I suggested he add Intent Based Buying.
But Not How You Might Think
I wanted him to run facebook ads and make a facebook page...

The net result? 

He got MORE deals... and at the lowest cost per lead I’ve ever seen in 11 years of doing this business. 

This ONE THING might have tripled his business alone. 

But naturally that’s not all we did. 

Next, we have altered the ads and it again dropped his ad cost!

And we’re not even done. He’s only two months into working with us.

I love opening our Private Facebook Group to see:
“We doubled our number of lead forms this week! Making progress!”

“Our results so far - been a little busy ! 
Average $22.56 per lead. 
1 lead accepted offer”

I got my first Facebook contract signed! Sending it out to my buyers now!

Flipping Machine Keeps on Turning
Then there’s Brook.
She’s from Colorado.
Her company is “real business” in the sense they actually buy houses, renovate them and then sell them. 
When we first met, she struggled to get properties with any consistency. 

Turns out we were able to find a “secret weapon” in their market and use it to grow sales like crazy... in the slowest part of the year! 

Want to know what the “secret weapon” is? 

Their real estate agents. They were not making consistent offers! 

So we quickly put together a simple plan for the slow season and put out 25+ offers per week. 

There are two things that made this work.
First, the consistency. Listing agents knew she was serious. 

Second, a secret “trick” we used for people who dropped the price but didn’t respond to our offer. (Nope. It wasn’t a resubmitted offer, lol. It was something more personal.) 

I’ve already found two more “Targeted Actions” for her business but frankly, I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface for what we can do with her market potential.

What Do These Stories All Have In Common?

First, the obvious. 

They’re my clients and I personally worked hard with each of them to get the results I’m talking about. 

But there’s something easy to overlook. Here it is:


Go read those stories again. 

Every time, I just found ONE THING. One “Targeted Action” at a time and focused on that. 

2019 marks my Twelfth year of real estate investing and helping people grow in real estate.
That’s 4,380 days of experience... and counting. 

And if there’s anything I’ve learned that’s had a bigger impact than everything else combined, it’s this ONE THING: Keep it simple. 
Every business has one “Targeted Action” that when implemented, can cause everything to change.

Imagine What Could Happen If You Found Your “Targeted Action”...

Imagine how that could boost your business… 

If you stay focused and disciplined, you might double, triple or even quadruple your revenue… 
All while decreasing stress… 

You could spend more time with the people you love… and not always have to be working... 

You could have the income to experience life on a whole other level… All by finding that ONE Targeted Action… 
But finding it can be hard. It can take years of trial and error. 

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars wasted on easily avoidable mistakes. The good news is,
I’m going to find your ONE THING with you!

...You don’t have to worry about implementing a whole bunch of ideas that you don’t have time for.

...You don’t have to put even more on your to-do list.

All you have to do is that ONE THING that I uncover…

And you could double, triple or even quadruple your NET revenue… all while decreasing stress and your workload.

Does That Sound Like Something You Want?

If it is, I can help you. BUT THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY.

Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is - like most things -is harder than it looks.
And totally transforming your business takes time, effort, and energy.
In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you for about a year and need you to do the work I suggest.

If you’re interested in working together,

Here's What I've Got...

The clients I told you about are part of an exclusive group called The Private Client Group. 

I’d like you to join us. 

Our entire focus is on finding your ONE THING, perfecting it, and implementing it. 

Once that’s done, we find the next ONE THING and implement that. 

We’ll accomplish this by meeting three times over the next 12 months - and by talking on Viber when necessary. 
If accepted, I can absolutely guarantee you’ll be thrilled because I’ve done this before - repeatedly. 
This program is by invitation only and I’ll give you a link to request an invite at the bottom of this letter. 

But ...

Before You Apply, Let Me Be Brutally Honest:
I’ve created an application process to filter out any tire-kickers or flakes. 

Here’s how it works: 
1. You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom of this letter. 

2. After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally. 

3. If I think we *might* be a good fit, I’ll have my team reach out to you and schedule a quick 15 minute call so we can answer your questions (and ask you a few more as well).  

4. Assuming you both still think we’re a good fit, we will then schedule a call between you and me personally. 

5. That call will be maybe 30 minutes and if I think we’re a good match, I’ll invite you to participate. 
If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Apply Now” link below and fill out an application before the remaining spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Nate Armstrong 

P.S. You might be wondering how this is different from other Mastermind Groups out there. 

In short, the difference is me working with you... 

In fact, I wouldn’t classify this as a “Mastermind Group.” 

Are there other members? 
Are they amazing? 
Is there value in hanging out with them? 
Of course. 

But what you’re really getting is me... personally reviewing your business on an ongoing basis, telling you exactly what to do... and helping you do it. 
That’s how I’m able to get the results I shared in this letter. 

It’s like getting a huge discount on my $12,500 per day consulting rate... and then being able to hang out with other “heavy hitters” in the process. 
Then there’s the fact I give all members my viber number and encourage them to call me or text me when they need something. 

See? Different. Not “just another group”. Not by a mile. 

So - if you want in, APPLY BELOW ASAP. Spots fill up fast.